The outcome measures include the studies on, 1. Functional status (level of functioning, Supervision required, ability to work) 2. Symptom status (days free of pain / an event) 3. Patient satisfaction with various aspects of care (delivery of care, effects on daily activities or life satisfaction) and 4. QOL studies • The therapeutic outcomes may be classified as cure, improvement, no change or deterioration. • On the other hand they can also be classified as success or failure. • In any event, clinical judgement is required in establishing outcomes. Morbidity is measured as the number of cases of disease or events that occur per unit of population (per 100), unit of time (per year) or both (events/100/year).

This topic describes: Outcome measure and drug use measures Prevalence, incidence and incidence rate. Monetary units, number of prescriptions, units of drugs dispensed, defined daily doses and prescribed daily doses, medication adherence measurement.

Measurement of outcomes in pharmacoepidemiology

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