The pharmacoeconomic methods of evaluation are listed in the image below. These methods or tools can be separated into two distinct categories: economic and humanistic evaluation techniques. These methods have been used in a variety of fields and are being applied increasingly to healthcare. The basic task of economic evaluation is to identify, measure, value, and compare the costs and consequences of the alternatives being considered. The two distinguishing characteristics of economic evaluation are as follows: (1) Is there a comparison of two or more alternatives? and (2) Are both costs and consequences of the alternatives examined? A full economic evaluation encompasses both characteristics, whereas a partial economic evaluation addresses only one. Pharmacoeconomic evaluations conducted in today’s healthcare settings can be either partial or full economic evaluations.

This topic describes: Outcome assessment and types of evaluation Includes theoretical aspects of various methods and practical study of various methods with the help of case studies for individual methods: Cost – minimization, cost- benefit, cost – effectiveness, cost utility.

Evaluation methods in Pharmacoeconomics

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